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Interpretation &
Translation Services

When It
Matters Most

Even with professional liability insurance, medical malpractice costs physicians and hospitals nearly $4 billion every year. It’s a particular shame when a medical malpractice issue arises from miscommunication, especially when that miscommunication is the result of faulty language interpretation. With patients from all nations, American healthcare providers are especially susceptible.

Through accurate, nimble interpretation and translation services, Nuance minimizes miscommunication for hospitals, doctors, insurance providers, emergency call centers, and patients.



For precise diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment, medical staff must learn patient symptoms, medical histories, circumstances, and other details. Patients must understand these—along with healthcare recommendations, instructions, coverage policies, and the like. Dispatchers and other emergency workers must grasp salient circumstances. The healthcare system relies on the ability to bridge the gap between languages.

Nuance provides certified medical interpreters (CMIs) that know and understand even the most complex medical terminology, streamlining communication with patients and capturing context and tone. Learn more about our interpretation services here.

Translation in
200 Languages

When non-English-speaking patients provide medical histories, you want to ensure that no details are “lost in translation.” For certain paperwork, including patient questionnaires and informed consent forms, you want patients to be able to read and understand before they put pen to paper.

Our native-speaking translators preserve meaning within your most essential medical records, ensuring accuracy and limiting the risk of miscommunication. Learn more about Nuance's translation services here.

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