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Interpretation &
Translation Services

Every Detail to its

Intended Meaning

Translating patent applications—or a purchase agreement—for a multi-national manufacturer. Interpreting a Guatemalan witness’ deposition. Defending a class-action discrimination lawsuit filed by non-English-speaking workers.

These are some of the reasons you might need us.

The legal system—in most countries—leaves little room for error. In response, the interpretation and translation service you want gives you the detailed precision you exercise in your day-to-day work. Nuance ensures smooth communication in the courtroom and the deal room, keeping clauses tight, arguments specific, evidence correct, and negotiations based on deal points—not confusion.

Accurate Interpretation
for High-Pressure Cases

Our legal interpretation services help preserve fairness. Our interpreters are conditionally approved for court reporting agencies, filling in gaps for even the rarest languages.

For highly involved cases—including personal injury and negligence claims against insurance companies—litigators insist on registered court interpreters. Nuance's expert linguists grasp legal nuances in languages such as Spanish, Fuzhou, Haitian Creole, and many more.

Translation of Legal Documents

For utmost accuracy, your translators need to understand legalese—and bring it into alignment with the new language. Our native-speaking translators help keep contracts, affidavits, and immigration documents meticulously precise to your language and your intent.

If your client wants to expand operations internationally, Nuance also translates administrative forms, such as for patents and trademarks, in over 200 languages—often serving as the launch point for global business initiatives.

Looking for accurate, flexible language solutions? Contact us today.

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